Over the past few months, I've been working very hard on a project for a wonderful band called Sounds and Sciences. When they approached me with the idea, I was unsure as to what exactly I was doing.

This video slowly became a passion project. I focused more on the aesthetics of the background (which were inevitably going to be covered by words) and nearly forgot about the lyric aspect of the "lyric video" entirely. So, with the band's blessing, I created a separate video, to showcase what I created.

The band, their music and its members are fantastic. I think the video complements the song well. I tried to make sure that the background didn't become the focus point of their video, but rather an accent to the lyrics. However, I also had to make sure I didn't completely undo the hundreds of hours of renders by completely covering it up. The end result was a minimal, but bold typography style, that brings focus to the words of the lyricist.

I am beyond pleased that I am finally able to share this video. It was a nightmare and a dream to work on.